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Colonial Ear Candles Privacy Policy

Visitor Information Policy - Colonial Ear Candles collects information on visitors to our web-site. The information we collect consists of IP addresses, time of visits, and referral url.

This information is collected solely to evaluate the effectiveness of our internet advertising program.

No information is used for any other purpose. Colonial Ear Candles does not share this information with any other merchant, IS Provider, or advertiser.

Visitor information is held up to 3 business days for review, and then deleted from our system. Visitors to our site can be assured that their privacy is closely protected.

Credit Card Sales Policy - Credit card purchases are transacted through a secure payment gateway, maintained by LinkPoint International. No credit card information is gathered directly by Colonial Ear Candles.

All orders, approvals, and transactions are transmitted to us via e-mail by CardService International, Simi Valley, CA. At no time is any credit card number transferred by e-mail.

Credit card buyers can be assured that their transactions are protected by the best available encryption technology.

Records of credit card transactions are held by CardService International for a reasonable period of time. They are held for the purposes of reference, charge-backs, retrieval, etc.

Buyer Information Policy - Colonial Ear Candles does not solicit via e-mail, telephone, or direct mail, any customer in our "Buyer" files. Customers can be assured that their purchases will not generate repeat e-mails, solicitations, etc.

Colonial Ear Candles is a dba of:

Native Evangelism Fellowship
1020 Whittington Street
Bossier City, LA 71112

A Louisiana Non-profit Corporation


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